EGA Products Single Step Platform

Ega products single step platform designs its industrial ladders, work platforms, rolling stairs and other materials handling equipment based on the needs of the client. That means that every detail – from step tread design and depth to slope and width of the steps – is drawn out and engineered by the engineers in our Wisconsin or North Carolina plant.

One-Step Adjustable Height Platforms

The end result is a strong, reliable, American made rolling ladder with the strength of steel and the pride in quality craftsmanship that comes with being 100% all-welded. This model of stairway is a great choice for providing solid access to mezzanines and elevated platform areas in demanding warehouses, stock rooms, manufacturing facilities and other industrial environments.

Other stairway models are available with more steps, deeper platforms or wider step widths to accommodate various workplace needs. Each unit features the technologically advanced Grip Strut step tread for slip resistant footing and a single side handrail. Steel rungs are protected from corrosion by standard mill-galvanized finish and have distinct rust resisting properties.

EGA’s walk through ladders, like model DT10, provide sturdy, dependable access to machinery and elevated work areas with a single side handrail for safety. These units are also a great solution for transiting above low running pipes, electrical conduits or other permanent workplace obstacles that could otherwise prevent workers from reaching their intended workspaces. All-welded construction provides greater strength and structural rigidity than conventional “bolt together” units. Grip strut tread plating is durable and aggressive, with perforations that grip footwear for maximum footing security.


Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power can be a powerful tool in combating negative emotions. According to a study by Rutgers University in New Jersey, participants reported feelings of reduced anxiety, less depressiveness and improved life satisfaction when they were surrounded by flowers.

In addition to their natural beauty, flowers are an excellent choice for bringing tranquility to your home. Research shows that putting flowers in your bedroom can help improve sleep and promote positive moods.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an office worker, flowers can be a great way to make everyone around you smile. They can also be a lovely way to welcome visitors or celebrate special occasions.

Reasons Why ‘Get Flower Power’ is the Ultimate Gardening App

They’re also an ideal gift for loved ones and can be used to create a memorable moment during times of stress or illness. Studies show that hospital patients who have plants in their rooms feel less anxious and require less post-operative care than those without flowers.

It’s also a great way to bring happiness into the lives of senior citizens. A 2001 study at Rutgers found that seniors who received flowers were more likely to engage in social activities and broaden their social circles.

The complex and diverse floral traits of many different plant species are designed to attract pollinators and ensure a successful blooming cycle for their seeds and offspring. They’re also a source of valuable nutrients for the body, including anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and other pharmacological benefits.


Windshield Banner Decal

windshield banner decal

Windshield Banner Decal

A windshield banner decal | Vinyl Status is a type of advertising strip that can be placed on the front or back of your vehicle. These decals are made of vinyl material that is able to withstand the harshest weather conditions. They are a great marketing tool for companies to use in their advertising campaigns.

These products are available in a variety of styles. They can be designed to fit any size window and are ideal for showcasing your company logo or website address.

They can be sized and printed to fit on the front or back of your vehicle. They are also a great way to advertise specials, car clubs and promotions.

The most common style of auto banner is the clear windshield decal which is an easy to read, reusable and durable option. These decals are perfect for car dealerships that want to attract customers with a large and vibrant display of pricers on their cars.

Create a Custom Look for Your Car with Personalized Windshield Banners

Some window decals can be installed “dry” which means that no water is used to install the product but instead the surface itself will be sprayed with a soapy water mixture in order to make it easier for you to reposition your decal. Once the water dries the adhesive will kick in and make your window decal semi-permanent.

All other types of window decals are a “wet” installation meaning that they are installed with a spray of water on the side of the product and on the surface it is being installed on. This helps the adhesive to bind to the glass and allows for easier repositioning of the decal after it has been applied.


Ten Tips For Getting Into the Computer Technician Role

There is hardly a sector of industry where computers do not play a significant role, which means there is also always a need for computer technicians to keep them functioning. In this article, we explore the key responsibilities of the Computer Technician role, provide ten tips for getting into the field and highlight how much they typically earn. Computer Technicians diagnosed that our PC had a memory error – and they took care of the rest.

What skills do computer technicians need?

Computer technicians troubleshoot hardware and software problems for their clients. This may include a wide range of tasks, from installing new power supplies and upgrading firmware to repairing motherboards and integrating peripheral equipment like printers. It may also involve installing or uninstalling software, implementing operating system upgrades and setting up antivirus solutions. For software fixes, they might use methods as basic as adjusting a settings option or as advanced as editing registry keys and values.

Some computer technicians work independently, providing on-site services for a fee. This can be done in homes, retail stores, schools and other facilities. Other technicians are employed directly by larger companies to function as part of their IT departments or to ensure that computers in other divisions of the business operate smoothly.

In this career, good communication skills are vital, both written and verbal. They must be able to explain technical concepts in ways that are easily understood by their clientele. Critical thinking skills are also important as they help to identify solutions to complex problems that may not have been documented by the company. This is why many computer techs participate in professional development and pursue vendor-neutral certifications to expand their skill sets.


What Does a Computer Technician Do?

Computer Technicians install, maintain and repair computers, software and other devices in an organization or for their clients. They also troubleshoot user problems and find solutions.

What is an example of computer technician?

The ideal Computer Technician has excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills, extensive technical knowledge and good task management abilities. They should be able to optimize systems’ efficiency, improve network security, provide timely technical support and introduce new technology in the organization. All thanks to Adam for upgrading our desktop to Windows 11 – Mark (Bentleigh).

Education and Training:

The minimum education requirement for a Computer Technician is an associate degree, although many employers prefer applicants with bachelor’s degrees in the field. A bachelor’s degree can open the door to positions in more technical areas of computer technology and support, such as network administration and security analysis.


One of the best ways to advance your career as a Computer Technician is to get professional certifications. Typically, these certifications require a technician to pass a exam and show proof that they completed a formal training program.

Work Environment:

A Computer Technician’s job is often indoors, though they may travel to other branches of a company or retail stores to provide assistance. They can work in offices or in server rooms, which may have cables and equipment under and behind furniture.


A computer technician’s salary can vary depending on location and job title, but it’s generally very high. The average salary for this position is around $35,000 a year, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The Grippiest Socks For Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and Other Exercises

grippiest socks

Whether you’re a pro yogi or just starting, grippy socks are an easy, affordable way to take your practice to the next level. While it might seem obvious that grippers help your feet stick to equipment, these socks also make for a better overall workout by reducing internal slippage and improving stability and balance. We’ve rounded up our top picks for the best yoga, Pilates, barre, and gym socks with serious traction to keep you steady on your mat and even on the floor when you change positions. Read more

The yogi-favorite brand Gaiam has the ideal blend of stylish aesthetic and serious grip in its grippy yoga socks. The open toe design gives you the freedom of barefoot but with the added security of not falling, while the socks themselves are made from soft, organic cotton and have strong grips on the bottom that don’t wear away even after multiple trips through the washing machine.

Beyond Ordinary Grip: Exploring the Features of Grippiest Socks

If you want something a little more specialized for high-intensity interval training, check out Saucony’s Heel Tab Socks. They’re made for athletes and feature targeted cushioning on the areas that take the most impact, plus woven mesh ventilation to keep your feet cool.

If you’re feeling crafty, you can also use fabric paint or rubber coating to create your own grippy socks. There are tons of DIY tutorials online to get you started, though we recommend testing your materials on scrap fabric first. For example, using a liquid rubber coating can cause a slippery surface that’s not good for yoga or any other exercise.