Dry Wash in Brazil, and the UK

Amid a pandemic that left consumers facing extended periods of home seclusion, remote working, and children’s indoor schooling, laundry became a significant household chore. As a result, all-purpose cleaning wipes experienced dynamic value growth in 2020, with consumer awareness of the product expanding and brands taking advantage of the opportunity to gain ground.

However, in many households, the use of all-purpose cleaners is limited by a lack of behavioural change. In-context user-centered research into Dry Wash behaviors in Brazil, India, and the UK revealed that integrating the design of the procedure with the space where it occurs is key. For example, in Brazil, top-loading washing machines are installed at the sink and users can visualise the water entering and leaving, allowing them to understand resource inputs and outputs. In contrast, in the UK, machines are built into the plumbing system of the house and the user cannot directly visualise resource consumption or waste.

Shine Without the Soak: Dry Wash Solutions in Brazil

This study analyzed the physical structure and food service facilities of public schools in Bahia/Brazil, through the inspection of their compliance with Good Hygienic Practices, according to Brazilian legislation, and also the identification of the characteristics of the staff and their attitude and level of knowledge regarding food hygiene. The results showed that sanitary nonconformities of SFS facilities favour bacterial multiplication and increase the risk of food outbreaks in schools, jeopardizing the objective of the National School Feeding Program (PNAE): the growth, biopsychosocial development, learning, school performance and formation of healthy eating habits of low-income children.


IT Support Services in Peterborough

Modern businesses are highly dependent on a variety of IT systems and tools, making them vulnerable to technological failures. When problems arise, IT support services can help resolve the issues and return critical technologies to functionality. In addition, IT Support Services in Peterborough can also assist with assessing and incorporating new technology solutions, improving IT agility and helping business processes and productivity thrive.

The IT industry contains multiple levels of technical support, each tailored to address the complexities and nuances of different technology-related problems. Each level has distinct roles and responsibilities, ranging from a simple help desk to the more advanced service desk. This article explains the differences between IT support specialists and technicians to help organizations understand how these roles play into the overall IT support function.

Navigating IT Challenges: How IT Support Services in Peterborough Can Help

Level 1 support is the first point of contact for IT support and handles basic problems and known issues. It aims to provide rapid support and help users troubleshoot straightforward IT issues so they can get back to work. The help desk is a vital part of the escalation process, as it gathers essential information and insights before handing cases off to more specialized IT support.

The service desk goes beyond addressing simple IT issues and addresses more complex problems, including managing IT incidents and facilitating IT service requests directly with users. This level of IT support is more strategic, as it helps align IT services with user needs and organizational goals. It also focuses on improving IT efficiency, optimizing security, and reducing the mean time to recovery.