A Visit to a Metro Detroit Distillery

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metro Detroit distillery

A visit to this metro metro Detroit distillery  is a journey through the city’s boozy past. Located in Corktown, this first licensed distillery since Prohibition creates small-batch artisan whiskey, gin and vodka made from locally sourced ingredients.

Detroit City Distillery co-owner Peter Bailey says founding the distillery with childhood friends was both a homecoming and an homage to the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. When the team opened their tasting room in 2014 in Eastern Market, the oldest public farmers’ market in America, they set out to prove that a modern-day distillery could thrive in one of the country’s most historic cities.

The team created a variety of drinks, including 28 Island Vodka—named for the 28 islands along the Detroit River that bootleggers used to hide out during Prohibition—and Grass Widow Bourbon, which pays tribute to the brand of whiskey that was produced in Detroit before Prohibition. Grass Widow is aged four years, which gives it a smooth finish and hints at its rich history. The distillery also makes Old Cockney Gin with a unique botanical formula, and several experimental spirits.

Crafting Excellence in Metro Detroit: Unveiling the Distilleries Redefining the Local Spirits Landscape

A visit to the distillery includes a tour of their facility and a tasting. Their newest product is Paczki Day Vodka, which is made with hand-glazed raspberry paczki from Hamtramck’s New Palace Bakery. The drink is distilled in their 500-gallon Vendome Copper & Brass Works copper still, resulting in a smooth and buttery vodka with a distinct raspberry finish. The team hopes to add this to their permanent line up soon, but it’s currently available only at the distillery and a few select bars in the Detroit area.

Weiss Distilling Co.
34 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017, United States
Phone: +19294843932


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