Choosing a Dressing Table

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Whether you’re a dressing table  influencer or simply someone who needs somewhere to get ready in the morning, a dressing table is an essential piece of furniture. It offers plenty of storage space for cosmetics, jewellery and other personal items, as well as a large mirror to help you primp before heading out into the world.

It’s important to consider your specific functionalities when choosing the right dressing table, and to choose one that fits in with the style and aesthetic of your bedroom. For example, if you have limited space then opting for a compact dressing table with minimal drawers may be better than a larger model that’s overcrowded with features. You should also decide how much lighting you want on your dressing table, as some models are LED-lighted to offer precise colour reflection, which is ideal if you wear makeup or apply hair products.

A Vanity Affair: Elevate Your Daily Routine with the Perfect Dressing Table

In the past, women would often sit for hours on end in front of their dressing tables to apply makeup and do their hair. However, the notorious Madame de Pompadour was frustrated by how long this process took and commissioned famous French furniture designer Jean-Francois Oeben to create a new hybrid dressing/writing table. This example, from the early nineteenth century, has a hinged top that opens to reveal an adjustable writing surface covered in baize and a framed looking glass.

Other dressing tables are made entirely of glass, giving them a more modern and minimalist look. They can be transparent or frosted, and some are even tinted to give them a mysterious and glamorous feel.


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