Diesel Chip Tuning – Why You Should Choose a Professional Tuner

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The diesel chip tuning Brisbane’s | Willys Workshop  is there are many cheap tuners out there selling plug in tuning modules (chips) that promise great diesel power and torque gains. However they usually do nothing more than pump up the pressure to the common rail fuel pressure sensor by a simple trick to make the signal read higher and your engine will burn more and produce more black smoke when you accelerate.

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Real tuners (or ECU remappers) will extract and copy your original file and then start to change settings on the maps that control the timing, fuelling, and boost. Once they have done this they will test it both on the road and on a dyno to ensure the adjustments are safe and effective and that your vehicle will actually benefit from the changes.

A good tuner will also be able to match the mapping with any aftermarket modifications you have on your vehicle. Snorkels, exhausts and larger airboxes can skew the tuning process so you will want to be sure that your tuner is aware of what you have on your car to get the best results. You should also make sure that your tuner backs up your original files or has an image of the stock file in case you want to return to the factory tune for any reason. These are the types of things that you should be looking for when comparing different diesel chip tuning brisbane services. The dyno testing and custom mapping will also give you more power, driveability and safety than any of the cheap off-the-shelf kits that you can buy online.


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