EGA Products Single Step Platform

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Ega products single step platform designs its industrial ladders, work platforms, rolling stairs and other materials handling equipment based on the needs of the client. That means that every detail – from step tread design and depth to slope and width of the steps – is drawn out and engineered by the engineers in our Wisconsin or North Carolina plant.

One-Step Adjustable Height Platforms

The end result is a strong, reliable, American made rolling ladder with the strength of steel and the pride in quality craftsmanship that comes with being 100% all-welded. This model of stairway is a great choice for providing solid access to mezzanines and elevated platform areas in demanding warehouses, stock rooms, manufacturing facilities and other industrial environments.

Other stairway models are available with more steps, deeper platforms or wider step widths to accommodate various workplace needs. Each unit features the technologically advanced Grip Strut step tread for slip resistant footing and a single side handrail. Steel rungs are protected from corrosion by standard mill-galvanized finish and have distinct rust resisting properties.

EGA’s walk through ladders, like model DT10, provide sturdy, dependable access to machinery and elevated work areas with a single side handrail for safety. These units are also a great solution for transiting above low running pipes, electrical conduits or other permanent workplace obstacles that could otherwise prevent workers from reaching their intended workspaces. All-welded construction provides greater strength and structural rigidity than conventional “bolt together” units. Grip strut tread plating is durable and aggressive, with perforations that grip footwear for maximum footing security.


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