Entry Doors Built To Last

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The Pros and Cons of Steel Versus Fiberglass Doors

If you’ve decided to replace your GrandEntry | entry doors or you’re upgrading to a new set for your home, there are a few important decisions to make about entry doors. Whether you’re replacing an interior or exterior door, it’s important to consider what will work best for your home and budget. You’ll also need to consider entryway lighting, privacy options, weathering, maintenance, durability and style. Exterior wood doors offer some advantages over steel or fiberglass entry doors and are the #1 choice by homeowners, for good reason. Here are a few reasons why:


Entry Doors Built To Last

– Wood entry doors offer a variety of beautiful styles and designs with many choices of colors and finishes. And since they’re stronger than their fiberglass counterparts, they’re typically more durable. However, fiberglass doors offer great energy efficiency, longevity and the ability to withstand high temperatures. When you combine these benefits with the fact that they’re easy to maintain, wood doors win big in the entryway remodel competition.

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– Durability is a huge consideration when remodeling a home. Many homeowners will endure long periods of time without any type of maintenance issues with their fiberglass entry doors or steel doors. But these same homeowners don’t hesitate to pay premium prices to maintain their doors. With wood entry doors and steel front door systems, however, homeowners need to be extra cautious about the condition of their doors. Since these types of doors require more care than most other types of door systems, homeowners may end up spending more money in the long run by maintaining their doors.

Front Door Is An Entry Door

– The first impression you make upon your visitors is often made through the front door. This makes or breaks the initial impression you want to convey to your visitors. Steel front door entry systems are often more durable than fiberglass entry doors because of this factor. While a fiberglass entry door can be expected to last just as long as its steel counterpart, steel front entry systems are more durable and therefore cost less money over time.

Fibreglass Entry Doors

– Fiberglass entry doors can be prone to splintering. If they become wet or splotchy, it can give a very unsightly appearance. But if you opt for steel doors, the splotchiness is less likely to occur because the steel doors don’t gather the water or moisture from the air. This means that your first impression won’t be damaged because of an unsightly splotch.


While both fiberglass and wood entry doors can be a beautiful addition to your home, the decision comes down to preference. While fiberglass is a more aesthetically pleasing choice, steel is typically stronger, easier to maintain, and more durable. So before you decide which type of entry door is right for you, take some time to weigh your options. Steel can provide years of trouble-free service and it may be a good investment in the future.


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