Fundraising For Non-Profit Organisations

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Fiels sales is a fundamental part of a non-profit making organisation’s activities, gathering resources from the public to carry out projects. These resources can vary from food and water to medicines, toys and clothing, but mainly money is used for fundraising. Fundraising is carried out by many different organisations, from schools and colleges to churches and charitable foundations.

The main aim of the fundraising process is to raise awareness and support for a project or organisation. This can be done through the use of events, marketing campaigns and social media, with the final goal being to secure donations.

Corporate sponsorships can be an effective way to raise funds. They provide a win-win scenario for both the charity and the sponsor, as they receive positive publicity and tax benefits, while the charity receives funding to further their work.

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Other sources of income include the sale of products or merchandise, which is a key source of revenue for many charities and schools. From t-shirts and mugs to pens and wristbands, the more your organisation can sell, the more exposure it gets and the easier it will be to reach your funding goals.

Alternatively, run a bucket collection in your local town centre (be sure to get permission first), have a team boot sale at the office, or host a ‘How Hot Can You Handle’ chilli eating challenge!


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