How to Make an Egg Basket

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egg basket

Egg Basket

An egg basket is a round wire basket that’s been coated with a plastic coating to cushion eggs, prevent rusting during egg washing and keep them from breaking when stored or transported. They’re ideal for keeping a few dozen eggs on the counter or in the refrigerator, and they can also be used as a handy way to store other things around the house—from hand towels and napkins to seasonal decorations. URL :

The basket is made from heavy-duty, coated wire, which is securely welded at each joint for extra durability. The handle is secured and the basket has a wide-bottom design to prevent it from falling over on the ground.

Egg-cellent Ideas: 10 Creative Ways to Use Your Egg Basket in the Kitchen and Beyond

To make this simple basket, start by making a large hoop with a #5 round reed. Then make a smaller hoop that’s slightly smaller than the first. Trim both hoops to fit inside the larger hoop. glue the hoops together, and then glue a strip of waxed linen to the handle.

Rib Construction

The ribs are made with 3/16″ flat reed. They should be the same length, and you’ll need to determine this by sharply bending one piece of reed. Repeat this process until the ribs are all the same length.


To make the woven section of this basket, you’ll need to insert 2 weavers along each rib and weave them together. Continue this process until the weaving meets in the center of your basket. You may have to splice the weavers if they get too close to each other as you’re weaving.


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