How to Use an Email Address Checker to Verify Email Addresses

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If you have a large list of email address checkers that you want to verify and clean up for better deliverability, you need a tool that can do it in bulk and quickly. It’s important to verify email address instances so that you can remove invalid ones and avoid sending emails to role addresses or spam traps. This can help reduce hard bounces and improve the ROI of your campaigns.

The best email verification services perform a wide range of checks to ensure that each address is valid. They look at the DNS and SMTP records to see whether they are a real domain, host, and mailbox that can receive messages. They also check for syntax errors, and can detect role-based, free, or temporary email addresses that don’t belong to a human user. They can even find out if an email address has been compromised by malware.

Mastering Email List Hygiene: The Role of Email Verifiers in Successful Campaigns

Most tools use a simple test called the ping test to confirm that an address is valid. This simply sends a signal to an email server and, if it replies, it shows that the mailbox is active and ready to receive emails. Other tests look at the MX records and SMTP servers to see if they are configured correctly, and can detect non-existent domains and illegitimate email addresses. They can also identify catch-all email addresses that don’t belong to any specific users, and are tracked by ISPs and anti-spam organizations to prevent marketers from using them as leads or recipients.


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