How to Use Clairvoyance

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Clairvoyance is a form of regarde ça visual perception that allows you to see things not normally available to our human senses. It is sometimes referred to as clear vision and it is one of the most popular psychic abilities that people develop. Clairvoyant people can also develop heightened hearing (clairaudience), smelling (clairscent) and feeling (clairsentience).

This extrasensory perception allows clairvoyants to see the vibrations of energy that exist outside of the confines of our normal perceptions of time and space, such as the auras of individuals or the “energy fields” of places and events. They can also receive information about the future (precognition), past events that have already happened (retro cognition) and even things that are happening right now in another part of our universe (remote viewing).

Exploring Past Lives: Regression Therapy and Clairvoyant Insights

These visual images or flashes of light can be a bit scary when you first experience them, especially if you don’t know how to decipher the messages they convey. That’s why it is helpful to have an intuition buddy — someone else who is open to these experiences and can help you analyze them. It’s also a good idea to keep a clairvoyant journal and spend time daydreaming about these visions, rather than trying to use your logical mind to decipher them.

To use your clairvoyance, start by asking yourself a question. Focus on the area between your eyes, which is known as your third eye. Breathe deeply and imagine that this area is opening. You may feel a tingling in that spot as you meditate, which is a great sign that you’re making progress.


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