Is the Kangen Water Machine Worth the Price?

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Ionized alkaline water is a popular health trend and the Kangen machine makes it easier to access. The machines are capable of producing clean filtered water with a ph level up to 11.5. But is kangen worth the price?

Why is Kangen Water so expensive?

The kangen water reviews machine uses electrolysis to create the ionized water. Its a simple process that splits water into high ph (alkaline) and low ph (acidic). The commercial model has 2 tubes, one for alkaline and the other for acidic.

Its important to know that the kangen machine doesn’t filter out contaminants like fluoride. It also doesn’t reduce levels of heavy metals like lead (which is a huge problem in the US). These problems are a big reason why the kangen machine needs to be cleaned more frequently than competing machines.

Most importantly, the kangen machine only filters out chlorine and other microbiological contaminants. It doesn’t remove chemicals and toxins like BPA, which are commonly found in epoxy or polycarbonate plastics like water bottles and other bottled products.

Despite all the hype and celebrity endorsements, there is no evidence that kangen water machines offer any of the health benefits that they are promoted for. There is better ionizer machines on the market that have lower operating costs and come with longer warranties and advanced features.



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