Multi-Level Modular Staging

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MultiLevel Modular Staging

Staging is an essential piece of event infrastructure that can transform even the most rehearsed performance. It provides a designated area for presenters, performers and speakers to interact with their audience and is used across a range of events including music festivals, corporate events, fashion runways, car shows and more. URL

Modular staging is made from deconstructed modular stage components that are quickly and easily assembled into a complete platform onsite. These components can include stage decks, risers, steps and ramps. They are available in a range of sizes and finishes. They are also designed to be easily modified and tailored to suit the requirements of specific events and venues. The stage can be arranged into multiple configurations using different height modules or a single tier, depending on the needs of the event.

Multi-Level Staging Solutions: Designing for Maximum Impact

Compared to other staging solutions, modular flat staging systems are extremely lightweight and portable, which makes them easier to transport, setup and disassemble. This reduces the amount of noise created while in transit and sets up, and is particularly beneficial for venues that want to keep their event as quiet as possible.

One of the leading manufacturers of modular flat staging is Unistage, who have a great reputation throughout the UK for their sturdy and easy to pack away staging platforms. The company have a number of high reviews on their website that testify to the quality and service they provide. Their staging is ideal for schools, colleges and performance halls, as well as music festivals, corporate events and trade shows.


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