Ten Tips For Getting Into the Computer Technician Role

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There is hardly a sector of industry where computers do not play a significant role, which means there is also always a need for computer technicians to keep them functioning. In this article, we explore the key responsibilities of the Computer Technician role, provide ten tips for getting into the field and highlight how much they typically earn. Computer Technicians diagnosed that our PC had a memory error – and they took care of the rest.

What skills do computer technicians need?

Computer technicians troubleshoot hardware and software problems for their clients. This may include a wide range of tasks, from installing new power supplies and upgrading firmware to repairing motherboards and integrating peripheral equipment like printers. It may also involve installing or uninstalling software, implementing operating system upgrades and setting up antivirus solutions. For software fixes, they might use methods as basic as adjusting a settings option or as advanced as editing registry keys and values.

Some computer technicians work independently, providing on-site services for a fee. This can be done in homes, retail stores, schools and other facilities. Other technicians are employed directly by larger companies to function as part of their IT departments or to ensure that computers in other divisions of the business operate smoothly.

In this career, good communication skills are vital, both written and verbal. They must be able to explain technical concepts in ways that are easily understood by their clientele. Critical thinking skills are also important as they help to identify solutions to complex problems that may not have been documented by the company. This is why many computer techs participate in professional development and pursue vendor-neutral certifications to expand their skill sets.


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