The Jaguar E-Type Offers Class-Topping Acceleration and Competitive Price

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jaguar etype

The jaguar e-type is one of the most beautiful cars to ever grace the roads, but it also offers a great deal of performance. The combination of its class-topping acceleration and competitive price set it apart from the rest of Jaguar’s sports cars, and it remains a favorite with many gearheads, admirers and connoisseurs of beauty.

The E-Type’s iconic look doesn’t come from wind-tunnel tests but rather experience. It is derived from the D-Type roadster and has been adapted to a range of body styles – fixed head coupe (FHC) and convertible (OTS) plus a 2+2 coupe with a longer wheelbase.

Owning a Jaguar E-Type: What You Need to Know

A little like an MGA but with a more powerful engine and better handling, the E-Type has rack and pinion steering that works well in the right hands. It is easy to take your hands off the wheel at low speeds and has a heavy return action that makes it easier to pull the car in tight corners.

It is a fun, lively and engaging drive by any standards. The 4.2-litre XK6 engine is smooth and efficient, and its power can be controlled through the gearbox. Brakes are effective and inexpensive on the 4.2s; the 3.8s are more complex but strong when set up properly.

As long as the chassis is set up correctly – and it is easy to find good quality pattern parts – the E-Type is a reliable classic that can be maintained at an affordable price. It is also a brilliant driver’s car and, once well sorted, doesn’t require expensive modifications to feel taut and fast.


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