Trash Service Wichita Ks

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trash service wichita ks

The trash service wichita ks waste plan requires local trash haulers to offer single stream curbside recycling and a choice of cart size. The City also encourages its residents to use this website to find out the rates that other citizens in their neighborhood are paying for trash service wichita ks. This information will help you choose the best option for your household.

Cleaning Up: A Guide to Trash Services in Wichita, KS

In Sedgwick County, discarded materials are taken to transfer stations where they are loaded into special trailers. These trailers take the trash to a landfill called Plumb Thicket. Construction or demolition of buildings, roads and highways produces a type of waste known as construction and demolition debris (C&D). This C&D material is taken to another landfill called the C&D facility.


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