What Are A Hairdresser & Artistic Team?

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Hairdresser  Artistic Team

Hairdresser & Artistic Team is a creative, friendly, high quality hair dressers Brisbane hairdresser’s shop. All hairdressing industry. We provide cutting edge stylists who use the best cutting-edge technology to create unique, original styles, in the style of your dreams. Our stylists are committed to offering only the highest quality products to our valued clients. Our stylists come from a diverse background with many different career traits, which enables us to meet the needs of all hair types and budgets. find more info

How to Know About Hairdresser & Artistic Team

QLD hairdressing industry is a niche which has grown and is now competing against many of the larger Hairdresser & Artistic Teams. QLD hairdressing is an industry where you will find a smaller number of professionals, a larger number of artists, fewer design specialists and a large number of hobbyists. This makes it more difficult for a stylist to move up the ladder. As well, most QLD hair dressers have been trained as a “one stop shop” where they specialise in one aspect of the hair, for example; straightening, curling, blow drying, flat ironing etc.

With increased competition and lower incomes, more QLD hair dressers are looking to trade or work in other industries within the industry i.e. providing hairdress and/or dying services in order to supplement their income or change careers. Many hair dressers have found that being self-employed gives them more freedom and flexibility than working for a company. You can work when you want, where you want, how much you want! It is really hard to put-up-sell yourself within a company.


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